It’s official, Masons new 24/7 state of the art Self Storage Centre is now fully open and what a celebration it was last week. Welsh National Assembly Member, Jane Hutt, cut the ribbon at Midday and the bubbles started to flow. The turn out was amazing with, amongst many others, Russell Myers from Lodige Industries […]

Forget the detox, it’s time to declutter your mind

We’re often told that a clean home is a clean mind, and many world renowned psychologists have done incredible research into the benefits of decluttering and having a clutter-free home. Isn’t it interesting, that every year after the materialistic ritual of Christmas where we exchange piles of ‘stuff’, that we follow this with a January […]

2016: Detox diets, new years’ resolutions, new alcohol guidelines and what to do with those Christmas decorations!

As the new year gets underway and the festive season starts to fade behind us, we are faced with the usual onslaught of detox diets, new years’ resolution lists and Dry January pledges, not too mention the latest guidelines on alcohol consumption.

However, at Masons Self Storage something else recently piqued our interest: some houses in the Vale of Glamorgan had already removed their Christmas decorations by the 4th January, whereas others were still proudly flashing their lights well after. This led to hearty debate amongst the team and we asked ourselves whether there were any clear cut rules around when to take your decorations down. 

A trawl of the internet, to our delight, gave us plenty of reading around Christmas traditions to mull over and it was generally accepted that if you haven’t taken your Christmas decorations down after Twelfth Night that you were asking for trouble! But that’s only for the very suspicious of course – isn’t it?

The next question we asked each other is what does everyone do with them, how do we all store them. Back on the internet, we found some fantastic tips on how to protect and store Christmas decorations, including storing fairy lights and using air-tight containers for baubles.

It also made us think that our newly refurbished, flexible, in and out, storage units would be perfect to help keep Christmas decorations from under your feet and leave more space for those new presents.

With rooms starting from only £5 per week and an introductory offer if you book in January, we thought this was a great solution to make more space in 2016 and keep your precious decorations in top-notch condition for the next time you are ready for them to decorate your home.